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  • News: Iomega unveils StorCenter ix2 network storage device

    On Monday, Iomega announced a new desktop network storage device for small offices and homes, the StorCenter ix2.

  • News: Corel debuts AfterShot Pro photo management software

    While Adobe and Apple have thus far been the reigning sovereigns of Mac-based photo management and workflow, Corel has now put some fresh competition into the arena with its new AfterShot Pro.

  • News: Asus Intros 7-Inch Tablet, Promises Hi-Res Display for Transformer Prime

    Asus announced two new tablets will join its U.S. arsenal: One is a higher-resolution variant on the recently released Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime, while the other is Asus' long-awaited take on a 7-inch tablet.

  • Opinion: PlayStation 4 at E3 Story is Bogus, Says Sony

    That out-of-nowhere, weirdly unsourced claim from British biz site MCV last week bluntly stating we'd see Microsoft's next Xbox and Sony's PS4 at E3 this summer? Baloney, says Sony (about the PS4, anyway).

  • News: New Iomega Network Storage Gear Starts at 1TB, $220

    Iomega brings two new network storage devices to CES this year. The Iomega StorCenter ix2 targets small businesses in search of a flexible product that supports PC-free video surveillance and major cloud backup services as well as general data storage and backups, while the Iomega EZ Media & Backup offers an array of more consumer-oriented features such as built-in support for Torrent, Time Machine, and easy posting to popular social media sites.

  • News: Microsoft Updates Windows Phone, Angers Users

    Microsoft released an update for Windows Phone that fixes a number of issues. That is great, but it comes with some news that has upset many Windows Phone users. Microsoft is abandoning its efforts to keep users informed of which vendors and carriers are providing the update.

  • News: Lenovo unveils new IdeaTab tablet, S2 smartphone

    Lenovo unveiled at CES the IdeaTab S2 10, a 10-in. tablet that weighs just 1.1 pounds, and latest S2 smartphone

  • News: Smartphones on Rampage: Next, Camcorders

    The smartphone is on a device-killing rampage, and camcorders are next on its hit list.

  • News: Huawei introduces "world's slimmest smartphone"

    At about 6.8 millimeters thick, Huawei Technologies' Android 4.0-based Ascend P1 S is the thinnest smartphone yet introduced, the company said on Monday.

  • News: SSD prices will fall below $1 per GB in 2012, says IDC

    The price for SSDs (solid state drives) that are going into PCs are expected to fall below US$1 per gigabyte during the second half of 2012, further boosting adoption, market research company IDC said on Monday.

  • House of Marley headphones on show at CES

    House of Marley to debut headphone range at CES. A percentage of the profits from sales of the headphones is donated to the 1Love Foundation charity

  • News: Privacy campaigners slam shopper tracking tech

    Monitoring technology used in shopping centres to track customers' movements via their mobile phones has come under fire from civil rights campaigners, who claim that it invades people's privacy.

  • News: Griffin unveils Twenty, an AirPlay amp

    Apple’s AirPlay technology for streaming music (and video) to compatible devices first appeared back in September 2010. But, generally speaking, using AirPlay requires that you purchase compatible speaker systems, or Apple devices (like the AirPort Express) that can send AirPlay audio over a 1/8-inch (3.5mm) cable or S/PIDF optical output, which you can in turn connect to powered speakers. Griffin, claiming that “the good speakers miss you,” has announced a new device called Twenty, an amp that connects to your existing non-powered speakers and lets you stream AirPlay audio to them.

  • News: MetroPCS Adds Two 4G LTE Phones

    Over the last year, prepaid carriers have upped the ante when it comes to high-end smartphones in their roster, making it more and more tempting to say goodbye to two-year contracts forever. Continuing this trend, MetroPCS today announced that it is adding two 4G LTE Android phones to its portfolio. The LG Connect is the first dual-core smartphone from MetroPCS while the Samsung Galaxy Attain is more multimedia-centric.

  • News: Passwords aren't dead, though maybe yours should be

    Despite all those "death to passwords" chants, some say it's still a solid form of authentication -- when users aren't being stupid about theirs.

  • News: Self-service IT: Are users up for the task?

    Self-service procurement. Self-service business intelligence. Self-service recovery. User provisioning in private clouds. It's a wondrous world for end users today as IT departments roll out tools that hand them the reins to the data and services they desire, whether it's instant access to their employee benefits accounts or a deep dive into corporate data stacks that were once off-limits.

  • News: iPhone more dominant than ever, though Samsung makes strides

    The iPhone is by far the smartphone most in demand among 4,000 North American consumers surveyed by ChangeWave, but Apple's frequent court rival Samsung is coming on strong according to the research.

  • News: iPhone 5 rumor rollup for the week ending Jan. 6

    The iOSsphere got its groove back this last week, as reason and unreason alike fueled a spate of rumors.

  • News: Grow your data center with colocation

    Brian Burch knew the moment had arrived. Two of his data center's key services -- availability and business continuity -- needed fast and dramatic improvement. Design and location limitations meant that his company's existing data center couldn't be upgraded to the levels necessary to provide the improvements in functionality and performance that he required.

  • News: IBM tracks pork chops from pig to plate

    Meat suppliers can track a single pig all the way from live animal to pork chop, thanks to new technology from IBM that may limit or prevent disease outbreaks.

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