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  • News: HP pays $425,000 to settle claims over hazardous laptop batteries

    Hewlett-Packard will pay US$425,000 to settle a claim that it knowingly sold laptops with hazardous batteries that could overheat or catch fire, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission announced Monday.

  • News: Senator questions ethics of alleged LightSquared lobbying

    U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa said Monday that the owner of LightSquared and a possible representative of the company may have broken ethics rules when they contacted his office about winning approval for LightSquared's planned mobile broadband network.

  • News: Megaupload case raises question of provider knowledge

    How much knowledge does a platform provider need to have of the files being traded on their system before they can be considered culpable?

  • News: The 17 habits of highly-effective cloud providers

    Developers of New Zealand's code of practice for cloud computing have suggested a "multi-tiered" approach, whereby it will be compulsory to make disclosures on some factors of cloud-computing operations, such as security and privacy controls, while information on other factors can be voluntarily supplied to gain a higher grade of compliance.

  • Opinion: NES PC Mod Combines Nintendo Power With Computer Tech

    Exactly what amount of money would you be willing to pay for a one-of-a-kind, custom-made Nintendo Entertainment System... PC? No, it's not just a PC tower with an NES shell slapped on the outer plating -- it's a rewired system that actually uses the gaming system's inputs as computer ports. Hardware wizard James Regan recently posted an extensive rundown of the project on the Retro Collect forums, describing how s/he built the entire kit.

  • Opinion: Civil Liberties Groups Hail Supreme Court GPS Decision

    The U.S. Supreme Court has determined that warrants must be obtained before the government can attach a GPS tracking device to a motor vehicle--and this decision is being hailed as a victory for individual rights by civil liberties groups.

  • Opinion: Futuristic iPhone Car Stereo Fits Almost Any Vehicle

    Having your iPhone handy while on the road often requires a complicated set of docking accessories or a variety of cables, adding more hardware to your dashboard than you might want to deal with. Colorado company Devium wants to make things a little simpler with their sleek-looking car stereo system, the Dash. It's custom-made to fit the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, while the complementing app seems geared towards eliminating extra transmitter wires or the need for an external radio.

  • Feature: PC Advisor today - top technology news, reviews and tips, 24/01/2012

    PC Advisor editors pick the day's best technology news, reviews, tips and tricks

  • News: Join us for Macworld Live

    As it has in the past, Macworld will host the Macworld Live stage at Macworld|iWorld. Starting Thursday, January 26, those attending the show or watching Macworld's live stream can see some of their favorite editors interviewing and interacting with well-known individuals from the world's of technology and the creative arts. You'll find a link to that live stream on Macworld's home page starting on Thursday. Here's what you'll find on stage:

  • News: Find the Perfect Apps for Your Phone

    Navigating the hundreds of thousands of mo­­bile apps available for your iOS or Android phone can be daunting. Who hasn't downloaded an app that turned out to be filled with annoying ads and poor graphics? Or paid for an app that was available for free elsewhere? Downloading the right apps might become even more difficult in 2012, with the rise of malware in the Android Market, and with myriad useless apps in both the Android and iTunes stores. Nevertheless, there are a few good ways to tell whether an app is worth downloading.

  • News: Replacing a Faulty TV Under Warranty

    We bought an LCD TV from a company called TCL last year. It came with a standard two-year manufacturer's warranty. Five months in, vertical black and purple lines appeared in the center of the display, and got worse as time went on. We sent the TCL repair center the broken TV, but they sent back a refurbished RCA TV with the same specs. The remote accompanying the new TV was damaged and had corroded batteries; there was no power cord for the TV, and no paperwork whatsoever. A few weeks have passed since we called TCL asking for a power cord, remote, and paperwork. I know warranties may allow companies to send refurbished units as a replacement, but the repair center sent a totally different brand with nothing else in the box. I'm not sure what to do!

  • News: HTC Velocity 4G gets lift off, more 4G devices on the way

    Telstra and HTC have jointly unveiled Australia's first 4G smartphone, while the telco has promised that a handful of 4G-capable smartphones and tablets will be released in the country by mid-2012.

  • News: WatchDox adds annotation to its secure document reading app

    Thanks to the Bring Your Own Device trend sweeping through workplaces across the country, smartphones and tablets are increasingly popping up at the office. And that means a lot of workers are able to access and share sensitive work-related documents on their personal iOS devices. In fact, a report published last week by IDG Connect found that 91 percent of businesses have deployed the iPad. But since company IT administrators can’t possibly control every employee’s personal device, those documents aren’t necessarily secure—devices can get lost or stolen, for instance.

  • Opinion: Cyfe Bundles Small-Business Web Services in One Dashboard

    Running a small business with any kind of Web presence involves tracking information from multiple online services such as Google Analytics, Facebook, and MailChimp. The new website Cyfe populates a dashboard with widgets for commonly used Web services, gathering your important data in one place.

  • Opinion: YouTube Tops Four Billion Views Per Day

    It appears the human race really, really loves YouTube.

  • News: Google+ adds support for pseudonyms -- sort of

    Google has relaxed somewhat its strict real-names policy on Google+, by letting existing members attach an alternate moniker to their profile name and by letting new members sign up with just a pseudonym, provided it is an "established" identity online or offline.

  • News: 4 tough challenges for RIM's new team

    For the first time since its founding, Research in Motion has changed its top leadership, with a new president/CEO, a new board chairwoman and a new major investor who specializes in turnarounds. But can they save RIM?

  • News: Facebook, Twitter Devs Release 'Don't Be Evil' Tool for Google Search

    Google's new "Search Plus Your World" feature is supposed to integrate social network data into search results, but at the moment it only pulls data from Google+ and Picasa.

  • Opinion: Asus Introduces Its B23E 12.5-inch Business Ultraportable Laptop

    Asus now has a sleek business-oriented ultraportable dubbed the B23E. This 12.5-inch laptop is built to take the abuse that professionals and road warriors are known to throw at their notebooks.

  • News: Senator questions ethics of alleged LightSquared lobbying

    U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa said Monday that the owner of LightSquared and a possible representative of the company may have broken ethics rules when they contacted his office about winning approval for LightSquared's planned mobile broadband network.

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