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  • News: Google abandons big, black drop-down menu

    Google has begun replacing the chunky, black drop-down menu of services it launched in November as part of an effort to integrate Google+ across its whole platform.

  • News: Iran blocks access to some outside websites, services

    The Iranian government has severed some citizens' connections to secure websites and services, including Twitter and Google's Gmail, according to reports by Iranians and network experts.

  • News: 6 Ways to Defend Against Drive-by Downloads

    In the first quarter of 2011, enterprise users encountered an average of 274 web-based malware attacks, a 103 percent increase over 2010, according to research from Cisco ScanSafe. Why the dramatic increase? One major cause is the growing number of drive-by download attacks. Drive-by downloads are an especially pernicious method cybercriminals use to install viruses and spyware, and otherwise take control of unsuspecting end users' computers.

  • News: Four ways Apple could improve the iOS experience

    Clearly, iOS is a massive, continuing success. But a couple recent headlines got us thinking about improvements Apple could make to the overall iOS experience: Path was publicly harangued after it was discovered that its app uploaded the entirety of users' address books to Path's servers. Developer Anton Sinelnikov's apps were pulled from the App Store--not just for being ripoffs of other apps, but for being terrible ones, at that.

  • News: Much of Western U.S. is a 3G wasteland, says FCC

    Anyone making a road trip across America should expect their mobile data service to basically not exist throughout much of the Western United States.

  • News: A Sneak Peek Raises Unknowns About Office 15

    Much buzz around the next major release of Windows has centered around the controversial ribbon interface for Windows Explorer. However, no ribbon appeared in a sneak preview of Office 15--World, Excel, PowerPoint--that Microsoft gave this week in a video about developing Windows On ARM (WOA).

  • News: Windows 8 on Tablets: What We Know So Far

    Microsoft is ready to lift the lid on Windows 8 at a preview event at the end of the month. The new OS will be available later this year, not only for PCs, but also for tablets, as Microsoft prepares to take on the iPad. Here’s what we know so far about Windows 8 tablets.

  • News: FDA defends its monitoring of whistleblowers' email

    The FDA Friday said it monitored the private email accounts of nine agency whistleblowers starting in 2010 to determine whether any of them leaked confidential information to the public.

  • News: How the Phoenix Suns basketball team takes on social media attacks

    Every sport has its fans, and the Phoenix Suns basketball team is finding that use of social networking has become one of the main ways to keep in touch with its fan base -- though it can get dicey when basketball fans across the NBA go a little wild before big games.

  • Opinion: New Modular Solar Towers Promise Easy Green Power

    Each year, green fuels and energy grow more popular as the technology becomes more efficient and less expensive. Just earlier this week, AORA unveiled a new CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) system in southern Spain.

  • News: Wall Street Beat: Earnings, spending forecasts highlight tech sector strength

    Recent market research reports and earnings this week from tech bellwethers including Lenovo and Cisco Systems underscore underlying strength in IT even as the global economy continues to experience significant turbulence.

  • News: The Week in iOS Apps: Round 'em up!

    The App Store offers so many new offerings each week--as well as updates of old favorites--that it can sometimes be difficult to track them all. That's why we're starting The Week in iOS Apps; it's a chance to highlight some of the best offerings, as well as remind you of some of the apps that we've already called out during the week.

  • News: FCC map: Large areas not covered by mobile broadband

    Large portions of the western half of the U.S. do not have access to 3G or faster mobile broadband service, according to a new map released by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

  • Opinion: Five Ways Windows 8 Will Make Apps More Power-Friendly

    The Windows 8 beta will be available by the end of February, and Microsoft has given much thought into optimizing it to run well not just on desktops and laptops, but also on tablets and even smartphones. Part of making an operating system friendly for mobile devices is making it power-conscious, able to do everything you want while using as little power as possible.

  • News: Thunderbolt: One year later

    It's been almost 12 months since Thunderbolt made its debut on the 2011 MacBook Pro. In that time, just a few dozen Thunderbolt products have shipped, to the disappointment of users eager to take advantage of the fast connection.

  • Opinion: Surprise! Windows 8 for ARM Will Come with 'Office 15' Apps

    An earlier version of the PC World blog, "Surprise! Windows 8 for ARM will come with 'Office 15' apps," which was posted to the newswire Thursday, contained incorrect information and has been removed from the wire. A corrected version with the same headline was posted to the wire Friday. Editors are asked to remove the incorrect version from their websites and to replace it with the version that was posted Friday

  • News: FAQ: Windows on ARM explained

    In an 8,600-word epistle, Microsoft's top Windows executive pulled aside the curtain on the first version of the company's iconic OS that targets tablets. We dig into the details for you.

  • Opinion: Surprise! Windows 8 for ARM Will Come with 'Office 15' Apps

    Since Microsoft shared the first obscure hints of expanding the architecture horizon to include running Windows 8 on ARM processors, there has been rampant speculation and anticipation of what that will really mean when the OS finally launches. Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky is providing some more clarity about Windows 8 on ARM (WOA), including the fact that it will have "Office 15" apps built in.

  • Opinion: Double Fine Raises One Million Dollars for New Adventure Game in Less Than 24 Hours

    Well that didn’t take long. Not content to wait for funding help from Minecraft creator “Notch” Persson, game studio Double Fine has launched a campaign on crowd-funding site Kickstarter to finance a new adventure game. The campaign, dubbed the Double Fine Adventure, was published late Wednesday night with an ambitious $400,000 goal. Even though that was one of the highest goals in the history of Kickstarter, Double Fine met it within 8 hours. Less than 24 hours later the project had earned over $1,000,000 in pledges.

  • News: Google abandons big, black drop-down menu

    Google has begun replacing the chunky, black drop-down menu of services it launched in November as part of an effort to integrate Google+ across its whole platform.

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