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  • News: The Week in iOS Apps: Ring that bell

    Everything old is new again in this week's app roundup: iPad apps are debuting on iPhone. iPhone apps are launching on the iPad. Old games are getting new life on both devices. Even the humble doorbell is now being replaced by iOS.

  • News: Comcast dives into Carrier Ethernet 2.0

    Carrier Ethernet 2.0 made its debut less than a month ago and Comcast is already raring to get started with the new technology.

  • Opinion: Windows 8: Training Required

    Every new version of Windows has included interface changes. Most of these have been minor--an icon moved here, a toolbar added there. Windows 8 will be different, using a completely new Metro interface as the primary environment, and removing important elements like the Start menu from the older but still accessible "desktop" interface. Even IT pros may need to do some web searching to figure out some features. What questions will your workers have, and will you have the answers?

  • News: Prosecutors refuse to release Megaupload data

    Following Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom's successful defence against the latest US attempt to deny him bail on Tuesday before an extradition hearing in August, the focus of the case is likely to move to seized assets and data.

  • Opinion: Google...evil?

    Few tech company-names ever become common English-language terms. No one ever asks you to "Microsoft" a document or "Apple" a video. Yet the verb "to Google" is so commonplace it's lost its initial-cap. As journalists, we often google companies we report on to check their press releases or find biographical information on their executives.

  • Opinion: Is Chrome Overtaking Firefox? Not So Fast.

    It's been predicted for many months now that Google's Chrome browser would soon overtake Firefox in terms of market share, but that still hasn't happened--at least not according to Net Applications.

  • News: The Week in iPad Cases: Be still, my beating heart

    With the news that Apple will hold a media event on March 7th, it seems all but certain that a new iPad is on its way. While we wait--more or less patiently--for the big day, we've still got a few new cases for Apple's current tablet.

  • News: AT&T sets new limits for 'unlimited' data plans

    AT&T yesterday clarified when and how it will slow down the connection speed of smartphone users who still have an unlimited data plan.

  • Opinion: Windows 8 Has What it Takes for 3G/4G Mobile Broadband

    Microsoft has built a ton of new features and capabilities into Windows 8 that make it a prime OS for mobile devices like ultrabooks and tablets. Aside from the Metro UI that is designed to be tapped and swiped on a touchscreen display, Windows 8 also includes new features for connecting to and managing mobile broadband connections.

  • News: Vendors pile on mobility management

    Managing and securing the world of mobile computing is an evolving art, as a quartet of vendors showed at Mobile World Congress, each taking different approaches to the challenge.

  • Opinion: Facebook's Timeline Embraced by Obama

    Facebook's Timeline feature is getting a plug from President Barack Obama.

  • News: Should US intelligence agency have a role in protecting electric grid?

    As Congress wrestles over cybersecurity legislation related to securing critical infrastructure and the electric power grid, arguments are surfacing on whether the power companies should handle any new federally mandated network protections or whether the U.S. government -- in particular the National Security Agency -- should be in the middle of it.

  • News: Apple speeding toward 25 billion app downloads

    Apple's running total of the number of app downloads made via its App Store is quickly approaching 25 billion -- which means that the winner of a $10,000 iTunes gift card for the landmark downloader should be chosen sometime today or tomorrow.

  • News: How to add additional desktop spaces

    Spaces is a feature in OS X Lion that allows you to have multiple desktops, which can be handy when you’re working in more than one application and in different documents. Spaces is also handy if you have only one display to work with.

  • News: Archive Meetings and Presentations Like Never Before with Audiolio for iPad

    It's one thing to take notes during a meeting or presentation. But what if you could not only take notes, but also record audio, adding bookmarks along the way to easily revisit different topics and discussions?

  • News: FCC asks for comments on mobile network shutdowns for public safety

    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission is seeking public comments on whether it's ever appropriate for law enforcement agencies to shut down mobile networks in the name of public safety, as Bay Area Rapid Transit did last August.

  • News: Google Sued by Frenchman Caught on Street View in Embarrasing Pose

    Google is getting an earful from a French villager concerned about -- what else -- an invasion of privacy.

  • News: Wall Street Beat: Yelp IPO another sign of hot tech market

    Earnings season has essentially ended, but Yelp's initial public offering Friday, Apple's record high share price and a strong market for IT stocks are giving tech investors plenty to get excited about.

  • News: PHP 5.4 aspires to elegance

    PHP, one of the most widely used languages for building websites, has been updated with a number of improvements to ease development and speed performance.

  • News: Disabled Google Apps account deletion mechanism affecting admins, users

    Google Apps customers are finding it hard to delete and reactivate domains in their accounts, after Google unexpectedly disabled the automated mechanism for performing these tasks in mid-January.

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