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  • News: Samsung wins against Apple in the Netherlands on tablet design

    The Court of Appeal in The Hague has ruled that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is sufficiently different from Apple's European design patent that the tablet can remain on sale in the Netherlands.

  • News: Virgin America jet emblazoned with Steve Jobs quote takes to the skies

    Silicon Valley-based airline Virgin America named one its jets after Apple co-founder Steve Jobs. But the jet isn't named "Steve Jobs."

  • News: Authorities prepare to close down DNSChanger servers, recommend DNS repair tool

    German authorities are advising victims of DNSChanger Trojan programs to fix their computers' Domain Name System settings using a free tool developed by antivirus company Avira, because the servers resolving DNS queries on their behalf will be closed down on March 8.

  • News: One in five US iPhone 4S buyers goes for 64GB model

    One in five US buyers of Apple's iPhone 4S opt for the highest capacity 64GB model, according to a new report from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners.

  • PC Advisor launches iPad edition of monthly magazine

    PC Advisor has launched an iPad edition of its monthly technology magazine - and you can read the 200th issue of PC Advisor today, on your iPad, for free.

  • News: Joomla gets search, database reinforcements

    The newly released edition of the Joomla open source content management system now comes with a new search engine, and can use Microsoft SQL Server or PostGreSQL, in addition to MySQL.

  • News: Desktop PC Killers: Past, Present, and Future

    The desktop PC is dead; the era of the gleaming beige tower is over. The age of smartphones, laptops, and tablets is here--or so say numerous pundits and critics.

  • News: Cloud Industry Forum blames FUD for security concerns

    Security is still the top concern for organisations looking to migrate to a cloud service model, with privacy following close behind, according to the latest research from the Cloud Industry Forum.

  • News: Lucky escape after Zeus Trojan leaves $13 million untouched

    The finance department of a New Jersey County has had a lucky escape after criminals hacked its online bank account, stealing only $19,000 (£12,000) from an account that held millions.

  • News: Android and Windows Phone creep up on Apple iOS

    The future is looking less than rosy for Apple's iOS mobile platform, if new research reports by analyst houses Ovum and IHS iSuppli are to be believed.

  • News: EU to enforce 24-hour data breach disclosure

    Companies suffering data breaches will have 24 hours to tell the relevant authorities or risk legal action and large fines, EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding has confirmed.

  • How-Tos: How to back-up your files in Windows 7

    When it comes to using your PC, organising how and when your data is backed-up is one of the most important processes you need to implement. Microsoft has made it very easy to set-up a back-up in Windows 7.

  • News: Ofcom to borrow spectrum from MoD to cope with Olympics Wi-Fi demand

    Ofcom has revealed plans to borrow spectrum from public sector bodies, such as the Ministry of Defence, to cope with increased demand by wireless technologies during the London 2012 Olympics.

  • Opinion: Quickly create new Sticky notes

    The Stickies app built into Mac OS X isn’t for everyone, but its devotees—and I count myself among them—can’t live without it. Using the app, which lets you play Post-It-style notes on your desktop, is pretty simple. But a pair of hints from Keir Thomas’s excellent Mac Kung Fu streamlines the steps for starting a Sticky so simply that you’ll soon be Stickying more speedily than ever before.

  • News: Online Tool Converts JavaScript Bookmarklets into Chrome Extensions

    Google Chrome users can now turn JavaScript bookmarklets into Chrome extensions in just a few clicks thanks to a new tool created by U.K.-based Web developer Peter Legierski. The process is not as easy as installing a Chrome extension, but it isn't much harder than attaching a document to an e-mail. If you want to give it a try, here's how you can use it to make more space for bookmarks or just banish Chrome's bookmarks bar altogether.

  • Opinion: Crysis Team Developing A Free-To-Play Shooter Called Warface

    Sometimes a game is so good, you don’t even need to play it to praise it. At least that's how the staff of China’s IT community portal (and general tech news hub) Yesky seems to feel about Crytek’s new free-to-play game Warface. According to Yesky's “2011 annual horizontal evaluation,” the game’s graphical fidelity makes it the most-anticipated online first-person shooter in China. The editors at Yesky have singled out this otherwise-unkown game for its visual effects, notably the flashy lighting, shading and motion blur, and have gone so far as to compare it favorably with the visually stunning (and decidely not free to play) Crysis 2.

  • Video: Video: Location-based CPR app about to expand to San Jose, Calif.

    As of next month, the app will spread to nearby San Jose, California from San Ramon, where the fire chief came up with the app more than a year ago. It’s the first of many stops the app is making across the Bay Area—with development underway in San Francisco as well. The idea is that any good Samaritan in a public space can opt-in to the location-based app and If you’re nearby and 911 is dialed for a potential heart-attack, an alert will go to your phone.

  • News: Verizon reports $2B loss amid pension costs, iPhone subsidy

    Verizon Communications on Tuesday reported a $2.02 billion fourth-quarter loss, mostly due to one-time charges of $3.4 billion for severance, pension and benefits, as well as increased subsidy costs for iPhone sales.

  • News: SITA hopes to test NFC at airports this summer

    SITA has demonstrated a proof-of-concept that shows how smartphones equipped with NFC (Near Field Communications) can be used by passengers to check in and board airplanes. It now hopes to test the technology this summer, a spokesman said on Tuesday.

  • News: IBM, NEC team on OpenFlow

    IBM and NEC have partnered to offer OpenFlow-based networking products to joint customers.

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