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  • Feature: Which web browser is best?

    Not all Web browsers are created equal. Some are faster; some are more versatile; others are especially secure. We tested six leading browsers to learn where each one excels… and fails.

  • News: We might be old, but we're still the elite

    It was 1988 and Strider had a problem. The first copy of the Commodore 64 game The Last Ninja 2 had just landed in the computer shop in Malmö where he used to work after school. Strider had an exceptional opportunity to be the first kid on the schoolyard with a cracked copy of the game everybody wanted.

  • News: How Arqball met Cinsay: Startups merge products at DEMO 2012

    As mentioned earlier this week, one particularly impressive mobile app showcased at the DEMO Spring 2012 conference in Santa Clara seemed like a good potential partner for other apps. Less than 24 hours later, that's exactly what it became.

  • Opinion: Ask the iTunes Guy: iTunes tips and tricks

    [Ask the iTunes Guy is a regular column in which we answer your questions on everything iTunes related. If there’s something you’d like to know, send an email to the iTunes Guy for consideration.]

  • News: Apple pursues ban on altered Samsung Galaxy tablet in Germany

    A Düsseldorf court has set a date to hear an appeal from Apple, which is seeking an injunction preventing Samsung Electronics from selling a tablet modified to beat an earlier injunction, a court spokesman said on Friday.

  • News: FCC Fights Carrier Bill Shock

    The U.S. Federal Communications Commission has launched a Web page that tracks how major U.S. mobile carriers are alerting their customers who risk exceeding monthly usage limits for voice calls, data, SMS, and international roaming. The page is part of an agreement reached between the FCC and the CTIA wireless trade association in October to help users avoid high-priced overage charges on their monthly bills.

  • News: Windows 8 Enterprise to embrace 'bring your own device' culture

    Microsoft has bowed to the age of consumerisation and ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD), announcing features in the next version of its business OS, Windows 8 Enterprise, it hopes will fit in with the trend towards device hopping and home working.

  • Opinion: A simple fix for when your iPhone won't charge

    If your iPhone suddenly stops taking a charge, but everything else keeps working, there may be a fix. I know someone with firsthand experience of just such an issue, and can offer advice that may solve your iPhone’s charging problem.

  • Opinion: Free Friday: I Saw Her Standing There, SCP Containment Breach and More

    This week's roundup of free games is all about life or death situations with dangerous and deadly games about zombies, mysterious monsters and editing a newspaper in an Orwellian country.

  • News: Are Zombies Sucking the Life Out of Your Data Center?

    If your organization operates its own servers and switches, it's likely that a percentage of them are zombies--steadily gobbling up resources but doing no work. Cleaning up a zombie server infestation takes good management and stringent documentation.

  • News: Apple retail stores most successful on high street

    Statistics published by RetailSales show that Apple’s retail stores are the most successful on US high streets, with seventeen times more sales per square feet than the average retailer.

  • News: Mountain Lion, Safari previews show Apple has bugs to fix

    Apple has released new previews of Mountain Lion, Safari and Xcode to developers. However, the OS X Mountain Lion Developer Preview 3 indicates that Apple still has a lot of work to do on the new version of the Mac operating system due to launch this summer.

  • News: Want to make your own designer toys? Get a Cube 3D printer

    If you have $1,300 (£800) to drop on a gizmo that builds plastic designer toys ready for you to customise (a la Munny), check out 3D Systems' new Cube 3D home printer.

  • News: Claims of Apple's tax dodging are untrue

    A report last week accused Apple of 'tax dodging' in Britain, and now the Greenlining Institute has a report out claiming that Apple is avoiding paying tax in the United States, however, the Greenlining has got its maths wrong, claims Forbes.

  • News: Tim Cook makes 2012's TIME 100

    TIME has published its 2012 TIME 100 list, featuring 100 names of the people it believes are the most influential in the world. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, is one of those influential people this year.

  • News: Symantec: 'VeriSign Trusted' mark out, 'Norton Secured' in

    The story, "Symantec: 'VeriSign Trusted' mark out, 'Norton Secured' in," posted Friday, contained an erroneous reference to the rebranded "Norton Secured, powered by VeriSign" software.

  • News: Resolving Complaints: Can Small Claims Yield Big Wins?

    We've all been there: A new gadget doesn't deliver, a service plan lets you down, or a bill has bogus charges. Appeals to the company go nowhere, and you're left feeling cheated, frustrated, and powerless. Some disgruntled consumers, however, have taken their case to small claims court and gotten, if not complete vindication, at least the satisfaction of having their complaints heard--and, of course, a little cash for their trouble.

  • News: China Mobile first-quarter profit rises 3.5 percent

    China Mobile's first-quarter net profit rose 3.5 percent year on year, despite growing competition from rivals, the company reported Friday.

  • News: Xbox will get Skype app

    Microsoft has revealed that its Xbox 360 console will get Skype integration.

  • News: Microsoft income drops despite strong Windows sales

    Microsoft has reported a drop in net income after poor entertainment sales but saw good Windows adoption.

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