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  • News: Humans want autonomous robots that take control

    If a company wants humans and robots to work more seamlessly together, they need to give the robots more freedom to work on their own.

  • News: Global e-commerce doubles as shoppers get more adventurous

  • News: Amazon reportedly scoops up video gamer site Twitch for $1B

  • News: Windows 9 on ARM could kill the desktop, merge Windows Phone and Windows RT

    Surface 2 buyers and other Windows RT tablet owners may be left out of the fun when Microsoft reveals Windows Threshold (a.k.a. Windows 9) at the end of September, as the tipped release is said to be for PCs and tablets built around traditional x86 processors alone, according to a recent report. But when the next generation of Windows does make its way to ARM processor-powered devices, it could provide a startling--and welcome--glimpse at a post-desktop future for Microsoft's "Universal Windows" concept.

  • News: BitTorrent Sync: From hackathon to 10 million users in 16 months

    The curious thing about BitTorrent Sync, a service that lets users share files in a peer-to-peer fashion rather than via the cloud, is that security-conscious users make up a significant portion of its audience. Since BitTorrent is probably best known as a technology used by illegal file sharers, it has a reputation, at least among companies with intellectual property, as a mechanism for leaking their valuable content.

  • Opinion: Hands-on: Sweeping BitTorrent Sync update streamlines cloudless file-sharing

    BitTorrent Sync offers an enticing promise: share any folders you want across all your devices using peer-to-peer networking--no cloud necessary. And people are buying into that promise, according to BitTorrent, with more than 10 million installs of the app and 80 petabytes of data transferred.

  • News: Poshmark takes on eBay, makes shopping more social with iOS update

    Online shopping is usually easier and faster than in-store buying, but it still sucks up an incredible amount of time. You either have to know exactly what you're looking for or lose hours browsing through pages of stuff you'll never wear. Buying pre-owned goods is even tougher: I just a want a pair of riding boots in a size 7 that are new with tags. Is that really too much to ask?

  • News: An Inside Look at LinkedIn's Unbundling' Mobile Strategy

    LinkedIn is unbundling itself at an increasing rate as it approaches its "mobile moment" later this year when more than half of its 313 million monthly active users access the site via mobile devices. The company has released a series of mobile apps for specific use cases -- seemingly throwing everything at the wall to see what sticks.

  • News: Jive deepens integration with Cisco's WebEx and Jabber

    Jive Software has pushed out updates for the cloud versions of both its enterprise social networking (ESN) suite and its JiveX software for building external online communities.

  • News: Hackers prey on Russian patriotism to grow the Kelihos botnet

    The cybercriminal gang behind the Kelihos botnet is tricking users into installing malware on their computers by appealing to pro-Russian sentiments stoked by recent international sanctions against the country.

  • Hellblade release date information, features, screenshots & trailers

    Announced at August’s Gamescom 2014, Hellblade is the latest title from UK developers Ninja Theory. Here are the latest Hellblade details including release date rumours, gameplay and story features, screenshots and trailers.

  • News: Spotify's Windows Phone app (finally) gets free, ad-supported listening

    Spotify just leveled the playing field for Windows Phone users after promising improvements back in May. On Tuesday, Spotify announced that the ad-supported version of Spotify was now available on Microsoft's mobile platform.

  • News: Firefox OS to outdo Android on granular application permissions

    Future versions of the Firefox OS mobile platform will allow users to control application-specific permissions, a feature with both privacy and security benefits that's missing on Android.

  • News: The top iOS 8 features for business users

    When it shows up in the coming weeks, Apple's iOS 8 is set to bring several new features, including its HealthKit and HomeKit platforms, to the iPhone and iPad. Many of the advances are consumer-oriented and focused on creating a seamless experience across iOS devices and Macs running the forthcoming OS X Yosemite.

  • Until Dawn release date, features, screenshots & trailers

    Upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Until Dawn is an action survival horror game created by Supermassive Games. Here, we bring you the latest release date rumours, gameplay features, screenshots and trailers for the highly anticipated new game.

  • News: 5 Ways Federal CIOs Plan to Improve Security Monitoring

    As the federal government gradually moves to an always-on, cloud-centric IT operation, senior technology officials work to ensure that agencies' security posture can keep pace.

  • Opinion: Hands-on with Madden NFL Mobile, freemium football's comeback player of the year

    The Madden franchise has been a football juggernaut for a quarter of a century on consoles, but EA Sports has failed to hit that same kind of stride on mobile, bouncing between free and paid models in search of elusive success. Last year's Madden NFL 25 was the low point, stacking so many punitive freemium elements atop each other that it largely killed any desire to actually play the game. It just wasn't worth the hassle--but there wasn't anything better with the NFL license on mobile.

  • News: 5 iOS apps to easily manage your Twitter account

    Twitter is useful for more than following your favorite celebrities. It's a powerful professional tool for keeping up on industry news, interacting with influencers, and marketing yourself. But when you use it this way, managing your Twitter account can feel like a full-time job--unless you have the right app, of course. Here are five iOS apps that make it a lot less work.

  • News: These cases turn your smartphone into a pay pal

    Paper money's days might be numbered. Credit cards started the $5 bill's long march to oblivion, and these days PayPal, Venmo, and crypto-currencies like Bitcoin are hastening its demise. Later this year, Coin--an electronic device that's the same size and shape as a credit card--promises to let you swipe your way around at retail, while offering security and flexibility through a Bluetooth connection to your phone.

  • How-Tos: How to set up Raspberry Pi, the little computer you can cook into DIY tech projects

    You don't need an electrical engineering degree to build a robot army. With the $35 Raspberry Pi B+, you can create robots and connected devices on the cheap, with little more than an Internet connection and a bunch of spare time.

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