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More 3D Articles

  • News: Nintendo 3DS Available March 27 for £229

    Nintendo's 3DS glasses-free 3D games handheld will launch on March 27 in the U.S. and sell for $250, the company revealed at a press event in New York this morning. You'll be able to buy one in "cobalt blue" or "cosmo black," and unlike prior DS handhelds which employed a fixed stylus, the 3DS will include one that telescopes.

  • News: Poll: 30 percent already own 3D TV

    A survey of 1,541 visitors to PC Advisor's website has found that an astonishing 31.1 percent say they've already bought a 3D TV.

  • News: Video highlights from CES 2011: Tablet PCs, 3D TVs and celebrities

    CES 2011 in Las Vegas has just finished in a flurry of 3D TVs, Tablet PCs and celebrity endorsements. Here we bring you video highlights of the best of this year's Consumer Electronics Show.

  • News: Nintendo 3DS console available for UK pre-order

    Nintendo's 3DS, a handheld gaming console which offers 3D images without the need for glasses, looks set to hit UK shelves on Friday March 18.

  • Feature: 3DTV makers hope for a better 2011

    The "Avatar effect" that was supposed to make 3D TV so popular last year failed to materialize, but manufacturers, ever optimistic, say a wider selection of films and some modest technology improvements should make 2011 a better year.

  • How-Tos: How to set up a 3D HDTV

    If you've forked out for a 3D HDTV , you're going to want to be able to show it off. Check out our guide which will take you from step one (setting up your screening room) all the way to the end (choosing what to watch).

  • News: Arm chip brings 3D & gaming to smartphones

    Arm hopes to bring high-performance graphics applications such as 3D imaging and gaming to handheld devices like smartphones while keeping battery life intact with a new graphics processor design it announced on Wednesday.

  • News: BT Vision joins Sky and Virgin by offering 3D

    BT has joined Sky and Virgin Media in offering 3D content through its TV on demand service.

  • Feature: 3D TVs to reach 50 million in 2015

    Shipments of 3D TV sets will approach 50 million in 2015, with market growth having started to accelerate in 2013.

  • Feature: Smartphones, tablets get creative with gaming and 3D

    Hardware and software enhancements could transform future smartphones into full-fledged gaming consoles or even weather stations, attendees at a processor conference said this week

  • Feature: Toshiba 3DTV works without glasses

    Toshiba will unveil a 3D TV on Monday that doesn't require the viewer to wear glasses.

  • Feature: Glasses-free 3DTV not ready for prime time

    Televisions that allow users to view 3D TV without glasses are not yet ready for prime time, a Samsung executive said on Tuesday.

  • Aiptek HD 3D camcorder

    Firebox has started selling the Aiptek HD 3D camcorder unveiled back in June. The £200 3D video camera has two separate lenses and image sensors to record 720p footage in 3D.

  • Feature: The truth about 3D: Is it really ready?

    This year vendors are pushing expensive 3D displays and brand-new 3D PCs. But while the technology has become viable, it needs to be made into more than just a gimmick to justify its premium cost

  • PNY GeForce GTX480 3D graphics card

    PNY has launched its nVidia GeForce GTX 480 and 470 graphics cards - its take on nVidia's new Fermi graphics card architecture.

  • Onkyo TX-SR308 3D home cinema receiver

    Onkyo is to become the first retailer to offer 3D-ready home cinema receivers and systems.

  • How-Tos: How it works: 3D HDTV

    With this weekend's Premiership fixture between Arsenal and Manchester United being broadcast in 3D in nine UK pubs, we look at the technology behind the hype

  • Feature: Revealed: the truth about the future of 3D TV

    As the 3D TV hype continues to flow, we separate the hope from the hype when it comes to this latest technology.

  • Feature: Avatar: Good News for 3D TV and Blu-ray?

    There's little doubt that James Cameron's heavily marketed sci-fi release Avatar will make a lot of money at the box office. But what impact will the film have on 3D entertainment in the home?

  • Opinion: Instant Action: free 3D games for PC and Mac

    Instant Action is that rare site: one that offers free high-end browser-based games for both PC and Mac gamers. These titles offer 3D graphics and a diverse gaming experience. Instant Action offers 3D puzzlers, futuristic first person shooters and tank combat simulators, as well as 2D action games.

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