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Produced by the UK’s leading technology media company, PC Advisor delivers expert and impartial advice to personal computer users who want to buy new products and make the most of equipment they already own. Spanning across print, online and mobile PC Advisor offers continually updated coverage of all things tech. Over the past year PC Advisor audiences have delivered a phenomenal growth and we now reach over 13.6 million tech-savvy consumers and business buyers each month. PC Advisor covers every aspect of technology making it the World’s Number One Technology Magazine Website for UK Audience (Nielsen Online). 

PC Advisor covers; Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops, PCS, Printers, Cameras, Audio, Displays, Software, Storage, Networking, Components, Gadgets And Accessories.

PC Advisor is part of The Tech Advisor Group that won the Content Team of the Year at the British Media Awards 2014.


PC Advisor Audience

With such a large audience reach we attract every type of tech consumer including active purchasers, the type of person who researches a tech purchase by seeking out independent and impartial expert advice. More technical than the average user, PC Advisor readers want to know that they have bought the right device, and they like to be able to explain to their peers why that is the case. Early adopters, business people, tech brand fans or just active consumers looking for the best deal, PC Advisor is the #1 destination. Experian Hitwise ranks PC Advisor as fourth in its IT News & Media category for UK traffic market share.


PC Advisor Audience Reach


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Outside Back Cover £5,530



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