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Amazon Kindle 2014 release date, price and specs UK

Amazon has launched a new Kindle eReader with a touchscreen for £59. Here’s what you need to know.

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iOS 8 review

iOS 8 may not look any different from iOS 7, but it brings a host of new features for iPhone and iPad users. Here’s our iOS 8 review.

Score - 9

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  • Tóireasa Purviance Meehan said:
    Maybe he mentioned it because using it was a part of a course he took toward his bachelors degree! That… ” »

  • Vukani_Madoda said:
    Wow! What a comparison. I think iOS is a German car being compared with a Japanese car called Android. ” »

  • SoulDragon said:
    WOW! Thanks. Solved my problem. Stopped that annoying popup that keeps coming up everytime I fire up saying defender is… ” »

  • Chris Martin said:
    PC World? ” »

  • Jad said:
    Why would you even use Norton, Norton is crapware/bloatware all it does is slow down your computer and force you… ” »

  • bob said:
    Typical PC world review ” »

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