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LG G3 release date, price and specs 2014

LG's G3 smartphone could be the first with a quad HD screen

How to download Windows Phone 8.1

Register as a developer for free to download Windows Phone 8.1

Amazon 3D smartphone release date, price, spec and rumours

Everything you need to know about Amazon's 3D smartphone

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Microsoft's Chinese partner confident Xbox can compete against Android consoles

More low-end Android gaming consoles are coming to China. But Microsoft's local partner isn't worried, and expects the Xbox to sell well as a high-end gaming product.

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Garmin Vivofit review

Garmin has launched its first activity tracker, available on its own or with a heart-rate monitor. Is it the right one for you? Find out in our Garmin Vivofit review.

Score - 7

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    Samsung has launched the new Galaxy S5 smartphone and you probably want to know how it's…

  • MeElectronics Atlas Orion headphones review

    The Atlas Orion from MeElectronics is a set of wired headphones that offers decent audio for a…
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  • ViewSonic VSD241 review

    The ViewSonic VSD241 is a 24-inch touch-sensitive monitor with Android that doesn't do the…
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  • Samsung Galaxy S5 review

    The Galaxy S5 has arrived and we're not exactly blown away. Find out why in our in-depth Samsung…
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  • kevbot said:

    I was so excited until I saw RT. Garbage.


  • Matt Egan said:

    'Squinty little girl phones'? Let's avoid sexism if we can (although I understand that chicks really dig sexist geeks).


  • gordon brown said:

    Samsung’s new Android flagship comes with a built-in ‘Download Booster’ mode that basically allows you to downloads large… ” »

  • dfitz said:

    Local account all the way, I thought it was a pretty bad Idea using a microsoft account as the only… ” »

  • gary mcneish said:

    Would it be possible to make a bit coin style computer network to assist with the massive computing needed. Gary… ” »

  • Ruckis said:

    Originaldsn. If your little hands are to small, the z ultra is not for you. It is an adult phonr


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