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Samsung Gear S confirmed: release date, price and specs UK

Samsung's Gear S curved-screen smartwatch works independently of a smartphone

The 30 best TV shows on Netflix UK

Nothing good on TV? We list the 30 best TV shows you can watch on Netflix

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini review


Samsung's Galaxy S5 mini is a compact version of the company's flagship Galaxy S5. It's a great…

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LG G Watch R confirmed for IFA 2014: release date, price, specs UK

LG will ruffle Motorola's feathers at IFA 2014 as its seriously cool G Watch R prepares for round smartwatch battle with the Moto 360. Here we round up all there is to know about the LG G Watch R release date, price and specs UK.

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Dino PC Magmadon GTX 750 TI budget gaming PC review

The Dino PC Magmadon GTX 750 Ti is a good value gaming PC for those who can't afford the budget-busting Scan 3XS Performance GT and you want to stick to officially sanctioned overclocking methods.…

Score - 9

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  • Samsung Galaxy S5 mini review

    Samsung's Galaxy S5 mini is a compact version of the company's flagship Galaxy S5. It's a great…
    Score - 7

  • LG G3 vs LG G3 Stylus smartphone comparison review

    We compare the LG G3 with its upstart cheaper sibling the LG G3 Stylus. Here's our LG G3 vs LG…

  • Cyberpower infinity Apollo Pro review

    The Cyberpower infinity Apollo Pro is a budget gaming PC that delivers excellent performance and…
    Score - 9

  • Nokia Lumia 530 UK smartphone review

    The Lumia 530 is Nokia and Microsoft's latest cheap smartphone. It is good in parts, poor in…
    Score - 5

New Products
  • Pepo Lucio said:
    What speed did you get connected to a N WIFI? I just get 72Mbps. ” »

  • fractious said:
    As mobile apps can get kicked out of memory when in the background, AOT should improve some of the task… ” »

  • Darwin said:
    Zetta Z16 / Z15 / Z12 - HD720p, 160deg wide viewing angle, 10-hr battery, scheduled recording, motion detection, vibration triggering… ” »

  • jupjam9 said:
    BlackBerry! If you're reading this, I CAN UPGRADE NOW!! Launch, launch, LAAAUUUNNNCCCHHHH!! :D ” »

  • Sam said:
    I have mixed feelings about this whole iPhone vs. Android thing. From what I've experienced, Samsung phones are kind of… ” »

  • Matt Egan said:
    Again, I disagree: there is plenty of useful information on this page. I don't claim for a second that there… ” »

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