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How to get a free EE Power Bar charger

Free smartphone charger has a torch and can be swapped in store for a fresh one

Huawei P8 and Huawei P8 max UK release date, price and specs

Huawei has unveiled the P8 and P8 max at a London launch event, and here's everything we know

Samsung Galaxy S6 review: The best Android phone of 2015


Samsung's finally listened to what we want (well, most of it) with the Galaxy S6. And what an upgrade it is

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Faster Internet access means more cyberattacks for Africa

The rapid development of Internet access throughout Africa has not been accompanied by an equivalent increase in awareness of security issues, opening up the possibility of a rise in cyberattacks.

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ZTE Blade S6 Plus review: An Android Lollipop phablet with sweet specs

We were impressed with the ZTE Blade S6, but if you thought the ZTE Blade S6 Plus was merely a larger phablet version of the phone you'd be wrong. Find out why in our ZTE Blade S6 Plus review.

Score - 8

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  • Samsung Galaxy S5 review

    The Galaxy S5 is the old model now but should you still buy one? Here's our Samsung Galaxy S5…
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  • ZTE Blade S6 review: 4G dual-SIM iPhone 6 lookalike runs Lollipop

    ZTE's Blade S6 is a desirable mid-range Android Lollipop phone with 4G LTE connectivity and some…
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  • HTC One M9 vs One M9+ comparison preview

    HTC has announced the One M9+ in China but how is it different to the HTC One M9 which just went…

  • Kingzone Z1 review: The fastest phone you'll find below £200

    Kingzone isn't a mobile phone brand we've heard of in the UK before, but we definitely want to…
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