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5 reasons why you shouldn't buy the Apple Watch

We explain why you shouldn't wait for the Apple Watch

iOS 8 release date, new features: free to download from 6pm

iOS 8 will be a free download for iPad and iPhone users from 6pm tonight. Here's what to expect

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini vs HTC One mini 2 comparison review

If you can't afford the HTC One M8 or Samsung Galaxy S5 perhaps a mini version will suit. Here…

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Reports of another wave of layoffs rekindle bad press for Microsoft

Microsoft's massive staff reduction, which shocked many when it was announced in July, is back in the spotlight with a pair of reports that the ax will come down on another group of employees Thursday.

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iOS 8 review

iOS 8 may not look any different from iOS 7, but it brings a host of new features for iPhone and iPad users. Here’s our iOS 8 review.

Score - 9

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  • Dan said:
    I think its the only real option with how things are going, developers aren't going to come to the windows… ” »

  • XICO2KX said:
    How much space is required when installing through iTunes (on an iPad 4)? Thanks! ” »

  • teresa said:
    my android tablet comes on , but on top android system recovery, , reboot system , cant do nothing, help ” »

  • Razvan Crisan said:
    1.ios , 2 . windows , 3.android ; if u want more app`s go for android - but on android… ” »

  • User788 said:
    These aren't windows "9" screenshots. The top screen says windows 8.1 pro on the right ” »

  • al_yeah said:
    Great, another small screen. Just what my eyes need! ” »

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The Apple Watch and new Android Wear smartwatches look great, but would you consider switching your smartphone platform just so you could use one?

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5 reasons not to wait for the Apple Watch: Why you shouldn't buy the iWatch

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How Emotional Debt is damaging digital design

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How to update your iPhone or iPad to iOS 8: including how to install iOS 8 if you don't have room