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Samsung Galaxy S6 launch live stream: Galaxy S6 launch live video

All the news as it happens around the Galaxy S6 and other new smartphones | Galaxy S6 live stream

HTC One M9 launch live stream | HTC One M9 launch live video, live stream

Get all the HTC One M9 price, release date and specs as they happen | New HTC One M9 launch live stream

Samsung Galaxy S6 UK release date, price & specs: Galaxy S6 launch live stream

Samsung's Galaxy S6 is the latest smartphone expected from Samsung. Here's everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S6

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Hands-on with HP's Spectre x360 laptop, a veritable HP-Microsoft collaboration

If you thought HP's impending corporate split would make it slink away from the PC game, you're wrong. If anything, the company's new Spectre x360 laptop, announced on the eve of Mobile World Congress, seems intent on proving HP will be as frisky as ever once its PC and printer division is pushed off the HP lifeboat this summer.

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Dooble review: A security-conscious web browser

Dooble is a security-conscious web browser that is effective but also restrictive. Read our Dooble review.

Score - 6

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  • Sapphire Radeon R7 250X budget graphics card review

    Sapphire's Radeon R7 250X budget graphics card is the best value graphics card you'll find…
    Score - 9

  • Motorola Moto E 4G review

    Motorola has upgraded its super-budget Moto E smartphone for 2015. The new Motorola Moto E has…
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  • HTC Desire 620 review

    We take a look at the HTC Desire 620's specs, price and features to determine whether it's a…
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  • MAGIX FastCut review

    MAGIX FastCut is an easy way to take action and sports video footage and create and share…
    Score - 8

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  • Glyn said:
    What's the touchscreen response like? ” »

  • Peter said:
    I don't want to root my phone - if I would have wanted a smartphone which needs to get rooted… ” »

  • earthworm jim said:
    All you need is a USA Ip and you will get yourself Netflix VPN ” »

  • Mo' Shizzle said:
    You can call the Nokia a cheaper option and whatever you like but those specs are pretty damn good for… ” »

  • Phil said:
    Sony XperiaZ1 Compact – one of the most annoying phones I’ve ever had. First of all thecamera performs very poorly… ” »

  • Daphne Blue said:
    Some would say "you would say that". Goodbye. ” »

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