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Can flip phones make a comeback?

LG has announced a new flip phone with smartphone features

The 95 best movies on Netflix UK

Wondering what to watch next on Netflix? We bring you a huge list of 95 brilliant movies available to stream on Netflix UK, ranging from Action, Thriller and Adventure to Romance, Documentary and Drama

Not all Lumia smartphones will get Windows 10

Microsoft goes back on its word for Lumia software upgrades

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Razer starts shipping the Nabu X, a stylish fitness band for cheap

Razer is ready to ship its Nabu X, a $50 fitness band that counts steps, tracks sleep, and provides basic notification alerts. It's available now through Razer's online store.

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iClever IC-BTS02 Bluetooth Wireless Speaker review

iClever's Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is one of the best cheap Bluetooth speakers we've tried. It sounds good, it looks great and it's affordable. Read our iClever IC-BTS02 review.

Score - 8

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  • Amazon Fire phone review

    Amazon's late to the smartphone party but the Fire phone has some nifty tricks up its sleeve.…
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  • iPad Air 2 review: On its fifth birthday the iPad is better than ever

    Today the iPad is five. The latest model, the iPad Air 2, is thinner, faster and better than…
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  • NZXT Doko review

    The Doko is a tiny box that lets you do (almost) everything you can do on your PC, on your TV.…
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  • Asus Memo Pad 8 Android tablet review

    Asus's Memo Pad 8 Android tablet is well-worth considering if display and camera quality aren't…
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  • Whatevs said:
    you do know you can buy a brand new computer, format Win 8 OS and install Win 7 from a… ” »

  • Matt Egan said:
    Windows 8 is Windows 7 plus the aspects you describe. And measurably faster, with baked in AV. ” »

  • Dr said:
    Thank you! Fixed the issue. ” »

  • xyz y said:
    horrible advice... unless you're just a basic internet user (facebook, email, youtube, repeat).....if this is you then use win 8,… ” »

  • Desire Athow said:
    The A in APU stands for accelerated, not auxiliary. Coincidentally Wikipedia lists the first entry for APU as standing for… ” »

  • Joe Humble said:
    I wouldn't. And don't. And I feel exactly the same way. ” »

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