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Best Christmas 2014, Boxing Day 2014 and January sales 2015 UK tech deals

Put up your feet and let us bring you the best Christmas, Boxing Day and January sales tech deals in the UK

ALDI's Medion Life P4502 budget smartphone review


ALDI is from today selling a budget smartphone in store as one of its Specialbuys, but at £79 is…

10 Biggest and best timewasting YouTube videos of 2014

Last year you lot wasted hours watching videos of mutant giant spider dogs, devil babies and Superman. And the iPhone 6 Plus.

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Best budget smartphones of 2014/2015: 19 best cheap phones you can buy in UK

The best budget smartphones of 2014/2015. The 19 best cheap phones you can buy in the UK: best cheap smartphones, budget smartphone reviews. If you want a smartphone that won't break the bank then you've come to the right place. Here are the 19 best budget smartphones available to buy in the UK in 2014/2015.

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ALDI's Medion Life P4502 budget smartphone review

ALDI is from today selling a budget smartphone in store as one of its Specialbuys, but at £79 is the Medion Life P4502 a deal or no deal? We review ALDI's £79 Android phone.

Score - 7

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  • Cybook Ocean eReader review

    The Cybook Ocean from Bookeen is an eReader with a difference: that difference being a large 8in…
    Score - 5

  • Synology DS115j single-bay NAS drive review

    The Synology DS115j is a single-bay NAS drive with a list price of just £78. It will take on…
    Score - 8

  • PNY PowerPack M3000 power bank review

    There's a lot to like about PNY's ultra-portable M3000 PowerPack. This power bank slips…
    Score - 7

  • Lumia 830 Windows phone review

    The Lumia 830 is a mid-priced 5in Windows smartphone, offering good battery life, decent build…
    Score - 7

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  • BS in Sunnyvale said:
    I have a Meru Enterprise AP832 AC 3x3 AP at home coupled with the Asus USB-AC53. Outstanding solution, the Asus… ” »

  • Vasudevan Mahalingam said:
    mahesh I want it, pl ” »

  • Skie77 said:
    Someone getting 6 viruses shouldn't use the word stupid. You have to be beyond stupid to get that affected. Any… ” »

  • michael said:
    Oh but you can ;) I am running 10.10 and win 8.1 on my custom built PC atm. ” »

  • Aimar Ruiz said:
    WTF? no xiaomi Mi 4? ” »

  • pip010 said:
    frankly knocking on the wrong door, try vodaphone or vodkaphone :)all the stuff is true and everyone who has even… ” »

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